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Antipolo and Baras Rizal


Square table P80.00

Cocktail table P100.00

table_w/cover__________________                               P 120.00

Round table w/cover and top cloth 8 str                                 P140.00

Rectangle w/cover and skirt (6ft) ____                                 P200.00
Rectangle w/cover (1 unit and skirt w/ 1 half moon )          P 250.00

Full length 12ft(2 rectangular tables with 1 half moon)       P500.00

Additional Top Cloth__________________________ P40.00


Mono block P15.00

W/cover P20.00

W/ribbon motif P35.00

Tiffany Chair P50.00



Sauce bowl w/spoon P5.00

Oval serving plate w/serving spoon P15.00

Square serving plate w/serving spoon P25.00

Stainless desert oval plate P60.00

Big desert bowl P100.00

Wooden lechon tray P150.00

Chaffing dish small P150.00

Chaffing dish big double P200.00

Chaffing dish big full P200.00

Chaffing dish Roll top Elegant stainless P500.00

Chocolate fountain P350.00

Table Wares :

SET A Plate w/ utensils (Plate, spoon, & fork) P20.00

Complete plate set

SET B (Plate, spoon, & fork, goblet glass and &napkin (white) P25.00


Set B with High-ball glass P 30.00

Coffee cup and saucer P 10.00

Oval rubberized tray P 40.00

Tray stand P 70.00

Stainless Pitchers P 50.00

Clear plastic pitchers P 35.00

Sherbet glass (ice cream crystals) P 25.00

White / Red wine glass P 25.00



Teaspoon & teas fork P5.00

Platito P5.00

Serving spoon P5.00

Serving fork P5.00

Table Knives P 10.00

Wine Glass ( Red Wine or White Wine) P 25.00

Soup warmer (electric) P 300.00

Fressh Flowers:

Round table center piece w/ candle P60.00

Round table center piece w/ candle & flower P100.00

Presidential table flower P500.00

Buffet table center piece P750.00



Parasol umbrellas (large) 3 m diameter P500.00

Industrial fan P800.00

Bubble machine P800.00

Iwata air cooler P1,500.00/per unit

Water kiddies slide P2,500.00

(Inflatable w/ operator, good for 8hours)



(MACHINE ONLY)(1st 5 hours) P 500.00

LCD projector w/ white screen (5”x5”) P 1,200.00

(Good for 1st 5 hours)

W/ computer and operator P 2,000.00

P.A. Sound System P 3,000.00

P.A. Sound System With Lights P 4,000.00

Mobile Sound System P 6,000.00

Genset 5 kva P 3,000.00

Prices may change without prior notice.


Minimum rental for free 1 time delivery                 P 2,500.00

(For rentals below P 2,500.00 an additional P 800.00 will be charged for deliveries within the metro)

(outside metro manila not included automatic charge will be P1,500)


“All of the rentals will be good for 5 hours starting from setup time”

“Any excess will be charged P 250 per hour”

ontime service around the metro

We also offer catering services P350.00 per head

all inclusive with unlimited

ice tea or P. juice.

Tables chairs tablewares

Menu set

Chicken cordon bleu

Beef in Garlic white sauce

Mixed veg. with fish fillet

Steamed rice

Spaghetti or/ Fetuccine Carbonara

Assorted fruits (dessert)

unlimited ice tea or P.juice

(only during the dining time of the event)

LCD projector and sound system



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Mobile:(0922) 841-4138

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